Thank MPs for their support of supply management

Representatives from all parties within the Canadian government have been very clear: they support supply management and Canadian milk, and they want the Canadian negotiating team to defend both during the re-negotiation of NAFTA.  Canadian dairy farmers are extremely grateful, and we are asking for your help to thank them! 

We invite you to send a letter to your Member of Parliament (MP) to thank them for their support towards dairy and supply management. In addition to your local MP, the letter will be sent to the Prime Minister, leaders of all opposition parties, and to the Ministers of Global Affairs and Agriculture. To maintain the pressure and ensure the Government continues to defend dairy and supply management during the re-negotiation of NAFTA, they need to hear from you that they are doing the right thing.  This letter campaign is important. 

As a proud consumer of Canadian milk, we need you to be heard by federal politicians from every party across government. Please join us, and thank you for your support!

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